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'We've Been Acquired' collects companies' buyout announcements

'We've Been Acquired' collects companies' buyout announcements


"We've Been Acquired" collects announcements from companies that they have been bought out.

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Across the web, companies are consolidating, often leaving their sites and apps behind or shutting them down. "We've Been Acquired" gathers the announcements they make, whether in the form of splashy multimedia blog posts or a simple message to users. You'll see popular favorites like Sparrow, as well as some names that are probably recognized by few besides their users. A simple "we've been acquired" and some friendly remarks suffice for most, but a few companies veer from the formula, whether by effusively praising their user base or offering a blunt goodbye. "We are excited to bring you our new Facebook app, which you can download by clicking here," one company says in a two-sentence email. "We no longer distribute the Snaptu app."