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Eric Schmidt's California mansion reportedly afflicted by the curse of Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian's doomed marriage with Kris Humphries has scared off the rich and famous from renting the venue

schmidt kardashian
schmidt kardashian

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, was doing just fine — until Kim Kardashian came along to ruin his real estate business. Schmidt may no longer be host to lavish celebrity weddings at his California mansion, after Kim Kardashian's doomed 72-day marriage with Kris Humphries began there, Radar Online reports. According to Radar, one source says that "since Kim married Kris at Eric's Montecito home, no one wants to get married there any more." The source says that before Kardashian was married, Schmidt's home was often used in the summer for private weddings, but that couples now find the venue "tacky."

"Now couples are shunning the estate because they think the place is jinxed."

Schmidt, who bought the mansion from Ellen DeGeneres for $20 million in 2007, is now reportedly considering selling it. It's certainly possible that Schmidt wants to cash out before the bad publicity permanently takes hold, but material losses are the least of his worries: you can't put a price on getting a Kardashian out of your life for good.

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