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Facebook inches closer to straight-up advertising with new Sponsored Stories test

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Facebook is testing ad placement on users' News Feeds. Currently, users need to either be a fan of a page or a friend of someone who is in order to have ads displayed there.

facebook push notification 1020
facebook push notification 1020

The day is upon us: Facebook is testing the idea of selling sponsored posts directly on users’ mobile and desktop News Feeds, reports Adweek. Currently, users either need to be a fan of a company or organization’s page (or a friend of someone who is) in order for it to get the prime location, something Facebook refers to as "Sponsored Stories," and the source of a recent class action suit around privacy.

According to Facebook, the new ads will look like the Sponsored Stories already in News Feed and be labeled as sponsored, accordingly. "This is a small test and we’re constantly gathering feedback from people on how to improve our ad experience," the company said to Adweek.