The entertainment industry is dominated by stupid gimmicks, and I love them. Does it glow and / or blink? Tell me more. Does it go all 3D? Here, take all of the cash in my billfold. Maybe it can change color and go from zero to sixty in 1.8 seconds? Here, this is my PIN number. Mexicans, in general, share my passion: their retail corridors are lined with the flashy neon tricks of a Blade Runner street carny, and I often find myself in their homeland resisting consumptive urges at every juncture. Amongst the theater entrances at Cinépolis multiplexes in Mexico there is one distinctive portal, a thick red door jamb illuminated by gently pulsing LEDs, crowned with a plaque reading “4DX” in the raggedly futuristic typeface of a well-used pulsar gun. Needless to say, they had me at 4D. Didn’t even need the X. So I spent the extra 62 pesos and found the one gimmick that left me feeling, for the first time, “I am too old for this shit.”