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Palm reborn as Gram, as focus shifts to software, UX, and cloud services

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HP is spinning off its webOS Global Business Unit into Gram, a new company focused on software, user experience, and cloud services. What exactly the team will work on is unclear, as the company is in "stealth mode."

gram logo (webos nation)
gram logo (webos nation)

A year after HP acquired Palm it renamed its new prize the webOS Global Business Unit, and now, a year later, it’s switching things up again. This time, the name of the new identity is Gram, reports webOS Nation, and along with the name change comes a refocusing; from consumer devices to "software, user experience, cloud, engineering, and partnering," presumably employing Open webOS and the web standards-based Enyo application framework, although we learned in May that several core contributors to the latter are on their way to Google.

Whereas the webOS GBU was a business unit within HP, Gram will be its own company; still wholly-owned by HP, but with the latitude to look for outside investment, says webOS Nation. It’s not clear what exactly Gram is going to offer, and it might be a while before we find out. HP Chief of Staff Martin Risau recommends employees answer questions with, "Gram is a new company. We are in stealth mode on our product offering."