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Black Samsung Galaxy S III found perpetually rotating on T-Mobile site

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A render on T-Mobile's '4G Test Drive' site shows a black variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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Black Galaxy S III render
Black Galaxy S III render

A black Galaxy S III has always seemed like an inevitability — how many phones can't you buy in black? So it doesn't come as a huge surprise that a graphic on T-Mobile's "4G Test Drive" site shows the Galaxy S III sporting a very dark shell. It is just a render, and some of the other devices in the perpetually-rotating graphic seem to be slightly off-color. While it could simply be a designer wanting to make T-Mobile's smartphones look more uniform, the graphic is just the latest in a line of "leaks" pointing to a new Galaxy S III SKU. Just a few days ago, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse reportedly began listing a black variant internally, and it appears as though we're now just waiting to see when and where it launches.