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Mad Catz unveils Strike 7 gaming keyboard with touchscreen and modular layout

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Mad Catz has released a new gaming keyboard, featuring a touchscreen and 24 programmable function buttons.

Gallery Photo: Mad Catz Strike 7 press photos
Gallery Photo: Mad Catz Strike 7 press photos

Accessory manufacturer Mad Catz has released a new keyboard designed specifically for PC gaming, featuring a touchscreen and a fully modular layout. Known as the Strike 7, the device is a companion to the company's Rat 7 gaming mouse and includes a total of 24 function buttons which can be programmed via the touchscreen. The latter can also be used to launch and control programs on the PC, including TeamSpeak, which is given a dedicated touch interface, allowing users to manage communication without eating into valuable main screen real estate.

For all its features, the Strike 7 also carries a hefty price tag, retailing for $299.99. One of the biggest concerns in potential buyers' minds will be the keyboard's use of a membrane rather than mechanical keys — Mad Catz attempts to spin this as a noise-reduction measure, but the company's own PR materials acknowledge that mechanical keys are "often preferred by gamers." Still, for users who put a premium on modularity and customizability, it could be an attractive choice.