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Airtime drops realtime chat requirement by adding video posts and YouTube integration

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Airtime is rolling out a few new beta features, like video posts with YouTube integration.


Airtime made quite a splash when it landed a couple of months ago; billed as the next startup from Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, the video chat app had a star-studded launch event that seemed an odd fit for such a simple pitch. If AppData figures are to be believed, however, it hasn't quite managed to hook its audience on the concept of random chat with other Facebook users — just 1,000 people are using the service a day. Perhaps that's why Airtime is rolling out a few new beta features that somewhat shift the service's focus from realtime chat.

First up is video posts, meaning that you can record and upload a video to Airtime, share it on Facebook and Twitter, and have other Airtime users respond; the asynchronous conversation can then be viewed in line. You're also able to post YouTube videos as part of the conversation, which might raise the tone of commentary somewhat on the web's most popular streaming site.

The interface has undergone a makeover, too, with recent posts and replies now appearing on the left and a revamped buddy list on the right that lets you see things like conversation history. We're not sure if these changes will do much to improve Airtime's popularity, but they do at least boost the scope of the service beyond its initial Chatroulette-with-Facebook positioning.