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Good Deal: the first two 'Dead Space' games for $9.99 on Steam

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Until to more you can pick up the first two Dead Space games for a combined price of just $9.99.

Dead Space 2 Good Deal
Dead Space 2 Good Deal

Dead Space 3 is due to launch next February, but if you're new to the sci-fi horror series Steam is offering a cheap and easy way to catch up. Until tomorrow both Dead Space and Dead Space 2 are 75 percent off — you can either grab them for $4.99 each or pick up the bundle for a scant $9.99. To put things in perspective, that makes the Steam games even cheaper than their excellent mobile counterpart, which is $6.99 in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. If you want to get in on the deal you better act quickly, though, as there's just a little over a day left before the sale ends. Just make sure you're prepared for disturbingly mutated babies.

Update: as pointed out in the comments below, the discount on the games may vary by region.