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One Laptop per Child XO-4 Touch merges 7.5-inch tablet and laptop for students worldwide

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One Laptop per Child has announced the XO-4 Touch Convertible tablet, which will have a 7.5-inch touchscreen and a Marvell Armada 2128 processor.

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One Laptop per Child (OLPC) has offered a couple different hardware choices in the past to children in developing countries — at first the focus was on the XO Laptop (pictured above), and most recently it introduced the XO 3.0 tablet — but now the nonprofit organization is combining the two in the XO-4 Touch. We're still light on details, but the convertible tablet is said to mimic the XO Laptop while boasting a touchscreen display like the XO 3.0 tablet. That screen is going to be a 7.5-inch, multitouch display from Neonode that can pick up pen and brush strokes. Of course, since the system is made to be used outdoors, it is sunlight-readable just like its predecessors, and the new system will be powered by a Marvell Armada 2128 processor. The organization is calling the tablet "the lowest power laptop around," and it says that it'll have gesture-activated wake up (not unlike the Cadillac CUE infotainment system). No word yet on pricing — we haven't even seen a picture of the device — but the organization is aiming for a Q1 launch next year. Whether it's a tablet or laptop, we just hope for the sake of the program that it'll have more of an impact on child education than OLPC has had to-date.