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Netflix 'post-play' minimizes the credits and loads the next episode, now on desktop and PS3

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Netflix has announced post-play, which automatically queues up the next episode of a TV show and starts playing it straight away.

Netflix Post-play
Netflix Post-play

Still trying to catch up to season five of Breaking Bad? Netflix has introduced a new feature today called "post-play" that intends to make those Sunday afternoon TV show marathons even easier to get sucked into. They way it works is quite simple: when the episode you're watching ends, the credits get minimized up into the corner of the screen and Netflix automatically begins to load up the next installment of the show. The rest of the screen is filled with a bit of information about the upcoming episode. By default, the next episode will start playing in 15 seconds, but you can stop that process if you'd like. Post-play is also enabled for movies, but it will give you a choice of three recommended movies to watch instead.

The new feature is reminiscent of the advertising tactics used on cable TV channels like FX and AMC, with the credits of a film being unceremoniously pushed aside and sped up. There will certainly be many others who feel the same — sometimes you just want to sit in the dark for a moment with the credits rolling to absorb what's just happened. It's not clear from Netflix's announcement whether or not you'll be able to disable the feature, but we would assume that such an option will be offered. For now, you should start seeing post-play when you stream movies on your desktop or PS3, though it will make its way to other devices soon.