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Martian Watches brings voice-controlled smartwatches to Kickstarter

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A new smartwatch has launched on Kickstarter, attempting to differentiate itself with a number of voice command options.

Martian Watches
Martian Watches

Kickstarter is becoming the go-to place for smartwatches, and today marks the launch of yet another — Martian Watches, which attempts to differentiate itself from the likes of Pebble and MetaWatch with a slew of voice command features. The Bluetooth-enabled watch works with both Android and iOS devices, and not only lets you know when you have a new call or text, but also lets you respond to them simply by talking to your wrist. There are also a few platform-specific features depending what kind of smartphone you have the watch connected to.

For example, on Android you can receive updates from Facebook and Twitter, and on the iPhone 4S the Martian Watch can be used to chat with Siri. It also includes a "wireless leash" to alert you if you've left your phone behind. The watch will be available in three flavors, expected to range in price from $179 to $229, and includes a tiny OLED display and LED notification light. The team is hoping to raise $200,000 on Kickstarter to get the process underway. And while some might be wary of a crowdfunded smartwatch after Pebble missed its initial shipping date, if you're intrigued by the voice control functions you can donate (and pre-order) at the Kickstarter link below.