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Growl 2.0 SDK now available, adds Apple Notification Center integration

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The software development kit for Growl 2.0 is now available, adding support for Apple's Notification Center that was added with OS X Mountain Lion.


Just weeks after Chris Forsythe announced that an updated version of Growl was in beta, the notification program's new SDK is now available for download. As previously told, Growl 2.0 uses Apple's Notification Center for its visual notifications, providing a way for developers to take advantage of the new Mountain Lion feature while utilizing Growl's APIs. Additionally, the software development kit includes improvements to the Mist positioning system while fixing various bugs along the way.

Despite the new addition in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Forsythe is confident that users and developers will still choose Growl, primarily for its customization options, accessible APIs, and obviously its integration with Apple's own notification system. A launch date for Growl 2.0 hasn't been announced yet, but the release of its SDK hopefully means that the wait shouldn't be long.