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Discover plays nice with Google Wallet, adds easy signup method and other amenities

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Discover has set up a page on its site for members to easily set up Google Wallet, and it has added a few other perks, too.

Google Wallet 1.5 Stock
Google Wallet 1.5 Stock

Google Wallet got a whole lot more useful earlier this month when it added support for all major credit and debit cards, and now it looks like Google is riding that momentum to get another partner. Discover has apparently been wooed by Wallet, and has now set up a page on its site for members to add their card to the app directly from their Discover account — with no need to type in that card number, expiration date, and security code. Additionally, Discover has passed along its credit card art to Google for use in the app, and those working on accumulating rewards points will be ecstatic to hear that you'll still get those points when using wallet.

Sure, those are all minor conveniences at best (considering the app already supported Discover cards), but what's more significant is that Google has managed to get another willing participant for Wallet. The update that added support for major credit cards did so without the good graces of credit card companies — American Express, in particular, was said to be unhappy with the situation — so adding Discover is certainly a good first step for the Wallet team. We'll just have to wait and see if Google can keep that momentum going.