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Sky Motion's up-to-the-minute weather tracking app comes to the web

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Keep up with rain conditions on your PC and mobile devices with the new SkyMotion web app.

Skymotion android
Skymotion android

If you live in an area where unpredictable weather is a problem, the free SkyMotion app for iOS is a reliable resource for precipitation warnings, and now the service is available on the desktop and non-Apple mobile devices. Residents in the United States and Canada can the SkyMotion web app to keep up with Mother Nature's behavior in one, five, and 15 minute intervals while checking out the current temperature to help you decide if you need to bring out your galoshes.

Sky Motion Research uses a combination of geolocation, radar, and motion tracking tools, as well as "other technology borrowed from the computer graphic and video game industry" to forecast rain, snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, and hail. To ensure that predictions are accurate for each user, the app tracks conditions in square kilometer segments so that you're not caught in the weather that the other side of town is experiencing. An Android version of the app is also in the works, which the company hopes to complete by the end of summer or fall.