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State Department withdraws $16.5m contract for Kindle ebook readers

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The US State Department has canceled its plans to purchase up to $16.5 million worth of Kindles and ebooks that it was originally intending to sending overseas to foster English language programs.

kindle readability
kindle readability

The US State Department's $16.5 million contract with Amazon for Kindle ebook readers has been officially canceled. The details of the contract were proposed back in June and would have netted the State Department 2,500 Kindles for use in overseas English language programs. The docket has since been revised, saying that "the Department of State intends to conduct additional market research and re-examine its requirements for this program." The Kindle was originally picked over other ebook readers for its compliance with the State Department's long list of requirements. Whether Amazon has backed out of meeting these stringent and likely expensive requirements — like item 19, which states "the Contractor is responsible for all costs associated with 3G services globally" — has yet to be determined.