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Skype for Windows 8 leaked, shows off Microsoft's tablet interface

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A preview version of Microsoft's Skype Windows 8 style app has been released to the internet, ahead of its expected debut soon.

Skype Windows 8
Skype Windows 8

Microsoft appears to be readying a new version of Skype that's designed for the new Windows 8 interface. An image of the Skype Metro style app leaked to Twitter this week, showing how Microsoft has optimized its voice and video calling service for upcoming Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets. The new version of Skype matches existing Metro style apps from Microsoft and uses a sidebar to display status and message history.

The application is clearly marked as "App Preview" in screenshots posted by Neowin — indicating that Microsoft may be preparing to release a public preview version shortly or it's in the middle of a beta testing phase internally. Other features include the ability to initiate voice and video calls, pinned favorites, and access to pay as you go or pay monthly options for Skype calling. We reached out to Microsoft regarding the leak and a company spokesperson says it has "nothing to share at this time" regarding beta or final availability.