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Amazon said to be trialing Locker-like deliveries to local stores in the UK

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Amazon is to start using Collect+ as a UK-alternative to its Locker service.

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While its American parent continues to expand its Locker service, which lets you have parcels delivered to a secure locker in a public place, Amazon UK is taking a slightly different approach to alternative delivery options. According to The Telegraph, The British offshoot is partnering with Collect+, an existing delivery service that lets you deliver parcels to your local "cornershop." Collect+ currently has 4,900 local stores in its network and is in talks to expand to larger stores like the Co-op.

Amazon recently began offering a Locker service in a limited number of locations within London, but a partnership with Collect+ would give customers a far broader range of delivery options. The retail giant has offered Collect+ as an option for returning unwanted and damaged goods in the UK for some time now, so a further partnership doesn't seem impossible, but we've reached out to Amazon for confirmation and will update you when we hear back.