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Tour beaches in Brazil and ruins in Mexico with Google Street View

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Google has added Street View images for several more Brazilian cities and 30 archeological sites in Mexico, including Mayan pyramids and the ruins of Tulum.

Google Street View Mexico Ruins
Google Street View Mexico Ruins

Google's Street View has long moved past being a way to check out a nearby neighborhood or find a restaurant, bringing us close-up looks at Antarctic cabins and the Kennedy Space Center. The latest Street View imagery expands availability in Brazil, bringing the total of cities included to 70. That includes Brasilia, known for its striking planned architecture, and coastal cities like Salvador and Natal. Google has also added more coverage in Rio de Janeiro, site of the 2016 Summer Olympics, in case all the recent London coverage just wasn't enough. The Street View team has been active in Mexico as well, adding pictures of 30 archeological sites. That means panoramic views of Kukulkan’s Temple, the ruins of walled city Tulum, and more. It doesn't appear possible to climb the pyramids themselves — though you can zoom in to see the tops — but we'd be happy to be proven wrong.