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Child-friendly LeapPad2 tablet now available for $99.99

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The child-friendly LeapPad2 tablet is now available for $99.99, offering a selection of educational apps, games, and other content.

LeapPad 2 in pink and green
LeapPad 2 in pink and green

The LeapPad2, a beefed-up successor to the original child-friendly LeapPad tablet, is now available from the LeapFrog site for $99.99. Announced in June, the tablet is recommended for children between the ages of three and nine and provides backwards compatibility with older LeapFrog cartridges.

Unlike the original LeapPad, the LeapPad 2 includes a front-facing camera as well as a rear-facing one and offers a total of 4GB of internal storage. LeapFrog says that it's upgraded the device's processor, too, though doesn't provide any technical specifications.

Learning from the likes of Apple and Amazon, LeapFrog provides its own walled garden ecosystem for the tablet, with apps, games, music, video, and specially formatted ebooks all available through its LeapFrog App Center. While the device itself does not have an internet connection, content can be sideloaded from applications for Windows and Mac OS X.