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YouTube viewers watched 231 million streams during London Olympics

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Worldwide YouTube saw more than 231 million stream views during the London Olympics, 159 million of which came from the US.

National Gallery_1020
National Gallery_1020

When it came to airing the London Olympics online, YouTube played a big role — not only did it stream the Games in 64 countries in Africa and Asia, it also supplied the technology behind NBC's streaming coverage in the US. Now YouTube has released some figures to show just how much its viewers made use of those options. In total more than 231 million streams were watched worldwide, 159 million of which came from NBC's Olympics site, while the rest came from the IOC YouTube channel. And of those stream views in the US, 37 percent came from mobile devices — this in spite of a number of complaints regarding the poor-quality of NBC's stream. These numbers follow the news that network's website also saw an impressive 744 million page views during the Games.