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How Wired's Mat Honan recovered his data after 'epic hacking'

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Mat Honan explains how to recover data after your hard drive is wiped.

Mat Honan Wired DNR
Mat Honan Wired DNR

Last week, the internet was ablaze with the story of Wired writer Mat Honan's 'epic hacking,' which involved the hijack of his email and Twitter accounts, along with the catastrophic full wipe of his MacBook, iPad, and iPhone through iCloud's "find my iPhone" service. Luckily, he was able to retrieve the vast majority of his photos and personal files thanks to data recovery service DriveSavers.

Honan has given a complete account of how the company was able to recover the files (at the excruciating cost of $1,690) as well as detailing the new security measures he's taking to prevent this from happening again. Has Honan's web-security nightmare turned him off from relying on the cloud in the future? Apparently not, as he says he's "a bigger believer in cloud services than ever before."