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Molecule Synth is a customizable synthesizer you build yourself

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A new Kickstarter project lets you buy a electronic music instrument that can be customized like a set of LEGO.

Molecule Synth
Molecule Synth

The Molecule Synth isn't just a tool for creating music — it's a way to build your own instrument. The recently funded Kickstarter project is an electronic musical instrument that comes in a series of pieces that connect to one another, letting you build and re-build the device however you want. The set includes tactile controllers like a joystick and pressure sensor, as well as three sound generators, a speaker, and MIDI-input. While the device may sound complex — and the creators do point out that it's prime for hacking — it's also designed so that just about anyone can use it.

"You don't need any technical knowledge whatsoever to enjoy improvising and exploring the possibilities of the Molecule Synth," explains the Kickstarter page. You can check out what kinds of sounds you can get out of the customizable machine in the video below, and if you'd like a set of your own you can donate at Kickstarter — though you'll need a minimum donation of $250 to get in on the action.