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Netflix streaming activity may have dropped 25 percent due to the Olympics

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Broadband company Procera Networks noted a 25 percent decline in online Netflix streaming activity this past Sunday, which the company attributes to interest in the 2012 Olympics.

London Olympics apps
London Olympics apps

Last week Netflix CEO Reed Hastings warned investors that the company's streaming services may take a hit due to the 2012 Olympics, and his fears may have been warranted: according to one report, the company's US streaming service saw a 25 percent decline earlier this week due to the Summer Games. Variety points out data from broadband company Procera Networks, which states that Netflix experienced the drop down from its normal level of US activity on Sunday night; NBC saw a 2-percent ratings increase that night over the 2008 games. The network has also been quite aggressive in promoting its streaming options this year, offering a number of web-based and app solutions for online viewing.

Procera's Cam Cullen writes in a blog post that the company noticed no change in Netflix activity in Canada, which Procera attributes to the US being "more involved" in the Olympics. Netflix didn't let the report go unchallenged, telling Variety that "Even if the figures you cite are correct, one night's traffic does not a trend make." It should also be noted that this is one report from one company, and we've yet to see if other firms noticed the same dip that Procera did. In either case, it dovetails nicely with Hastings' concerns — and may strengthen the position of those media companies that seem reluctant to cater to online audiences.