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Windows Phone Tango update rolling out to Verizon HTC Trophy handsets

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Verizon is updating its HTC Trophy to Windows Phone Tango, providing the Internet Sharing feature and other improvements.

HTC Trophy
HTC Trophy

If you're an AT&T Windows Phone user then you may still be waiting for some post-Windows Phone 7.5 updates, but rival carrier Verizon is pushing a number of "Tango" changes to HTC Trophy owners this week. Rolling out immediately, the updates include support for the Internet Sharing feature of Windows Phone — allowing Trophy users to share a mobile data connection with five other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Other improvements include MMS changes to support video and multiple attachments. Although the rollout will be welcomed by Trophy owners, it's still the only Windows Phone device that Verizon offers to customers. The carrier cancelled a Nokia device, codenamed Om, following concerns over Windows Phone's lack of Verizon LTE support. Verizon is expected to be waiting on Windows Phone 8 devices in the fall before launching any new Microsoft-powered handsets on its network.