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HTC Rezound finally gets Android 4.0

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After months of speculation about timing, HTC Rezound users are finally getting the big update to Android 4.0.

HTC Rezound
HTC Rezound

HTC Rezound users are finally getting the big update to Android 4.0 through a set of staggered over-the-air downloads, according to a report from Android Central. A 299MB upgrade package has reportedly been pushed out to a number of devices, containing Ice Cream Sandwich and version 3.6 of HTC's proprietary Sense skin. If you'd like to update straight away, Android Police is hosting a leaked ROM Update Utility (RUU) build thought to be identical to the final version.

The upgrade follows months of speculation about timing — first a leaked Verizon document seemed to suggest a date in mid-May, then a series of unofficial RUU builds emerged, allowing more adventurous users to manually update. HTC even posted official news of the update in late June, then quickly removed the post from its site. The first of HTC's devices to include Beats Audio (hence the name), the Rezound has spent more than eight months in the Gingerbread wilderness — the phone was initially introduced through Verizon on November 14th last year, the same day that Google's first ICS source code package was released.