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Explore NASA's Kennedy Space Center through Google Street View

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NASA's Kennedy Space Center is now a part of Google Street View, letting you check out places like the Vehicle Assembly Building and shuttle launch pad.

Google Street View Nasa
Google Street View Nasa

If you missed your chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center in person earlier this year, NASA has teamed up with Google so that you can explore the facility through the magic of Street View. While the in-person tour let you walk around the Launch Control Center, through Street View you can virtually visit places like the space shuttle launch pad, the Vehicle Assembly Building, and you'll even catch a glimpse of the space shuttle's main engines. It might not be quite the same as seeing the shuttles in person, but it's still a great way for space enthusiasts to view the facilities from the comfort of their own home. The Kennedy Space Center is just the latest famous landmark added to Street View, but Google says that it's the largest set of Street View images yet — including 6,000 panoramic views of the center. You can check out all the locations right here.