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'Wi-Fi police' hunt down unsanctioned hotspots at the London Olympics

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The London Olympics' organizing committee and Ofcom have sent out "Wi-Fi" police to shut down unsanctioned hotspots at the event.

olympics wifi police
olympics wifi police

Firearms, knives, and illegal substances are unsurprisingly prohibited at the 2012 London Olympics, but here's one you might not expect: unsanctioned portable Wi-Fi hotspots. Ryan Seacrest Productions' Sadao Turner tweeted an image of a member of the Olympics' "Wi-Fi Police," carrying an absurdly large frequency detection device that ironically screams "free hotspot this way." Wireless interference is part of the concern, but it stands to reason that Olympics partner BT — which runs some 1,500 paid hotspots at the event — is looking to keep revenues up as well. Either way, Wi-Fi peddlers should keep an eye out for the enforcers should they wish to keep their signal active.