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    Facebook launches new curated site to 'celebrate great stories'

    Facebook launches new curated site to 'celebrate great stories'


    Facebook has just launched Facebook Stories: a new, curated site designed to share interesting stories on a particular theme.

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    Today Facebook has launched a brand new site that aims to collect interesting stories based on a different theme each month. Called Facebook Stories, the first month is centered on the theme of "remembering" — it includes everything from a video feature about a man who has lost his memory (embedded below) to a selection of New Yorker pieces that relate to the topic. You can also view an infographic that shows how Facebook users share important memories like travelling or getting married, and users can submit stories as well, though Facebook ultimately decides what gets featured on the site.

    "We wanted to create a place where we could celebrate great stories," Facebook's Tucker Bounds told ABCNews. Other features includes a Goodreads-powered Bookshelf featuring relevant books, and a Playlist that uses Spotify to feature new music by "inspiring artists" — there's even a monthly podcast. And while it has the same name, this version of Facebook Stories is different than the app that launched in 2010. You can check the site out now at the source link below.