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Archos announces ultra-thin Gen 10 tablet launching in late August

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Archos has announced that it will launch the Gen 10 tablet 3 weeks from now. Little else is known about the device.

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As tablet maker Archos rolls out its 2012 lineup, it's given us another look at the Gen 10, a slender Android tablet it first announced in March. According to a Facebook post, the G10 will be launched in 3 weeks, putting its release towards the end of August. Almost nothing new about the device has been revealed, so all we know is the form factor and that it will work with a keyboard dock like that of the Asus Transformer series. Previous reports put the tablet itself at 7.6mm thick, with the dock bringing it to 12mm.

Archos previously suggested the tablet would ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but it's always possible the arrival of Jelly Bean has changed that, and the other specifications remain a mystery. Though Archos tends to build on the lower end of the market, we're also not sure how much this might cost; we've heard it will sell for $260 to $520. The original teaser video is below.