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Unannounced Sony device appears at the FCC: could it be the Xperia Tablet?

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An unannounced Sony device (possibly the Xperia Tablet) has turned up at the FCC.

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It was only two days ago that we first caught wind of the Xperia Tablet thanks to a purported internal company document, and now an unannounced Sony device has conveniently turned up at the FCC. The filing for model SGPT1311 confirms that we're dealing with tablet hardware, with the agency having granted Sony approval for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity. Other than revealing Foxconn as the device's manufacturer, there's little else to take away from the FCC documentation. That SGP prefix is important to note, however, as it follow the model numbers of Sony's previous Tablet P and Tablet S. Despite the coincidental timing, it's impossible to say with certainty whether this is in fact the same Xperia device uncovered in the leaked Sony materials — and we're still left without any hint of a release date. There's also the matter of the other Sony tablet we recently saw at the FCC, the SGPT1211. Hopefully the company will make its latest Android tablet plans official before long.