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Samsung and Apple CEOs reportedly meeting today for final patent trial talk

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Apple and Samsung's CEOs are reportedly meeting today for a final talk, attempting to resolve their patent disputes before a jury begins deliberation on Wednesday.

Apple vs Samsung stock
Apple vs Samsung stock

Apple's Tim Cook and Samsung's Kwon Oh Hyun will try to come to an agreement over their companies' long-running patent dispute today, an anonymous source has told Bloomberg. After a phone call between the CEOs takes place, company lawyers will report the outcome to Judge Lucy Koh, determining whether a settlement is possible or whether the jury will proceed to deliberation, something that is currently planned for this Wednesday. Koh has repeatedly asked the companies to settle, but mediation so far has been fruitless, with major disagreements about the value of the patents in question. This latest meeting, which both companies agreed to last week, is a last chance for either Apple or Samsung to come to some kind of agreement without leaving it in the hands of the court. Testimony in the current trial finished last week, with closing arguments scheduled for Tuesday.