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James Franco and the Galaxy Note 10.1: jacks of all trades, masters of none

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James Franco is the new face of the Galaxy Note 10.1

james franco galaxy note 10.1
james franco galaxy note 10.1

James Franco — who you probably know best as either Daniel Desario from the short-lived Freaks and Geeks or the son of the Green Goblin in the previous generation of Spider-Man films — has signed on as a celebrity spokesperson for Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. Since moving on from his role as Harry Osborn — the troubled friend of Peter Parker who spends much of the first two Spider-Man films quizzically asking "why are you doing this to me?" to the titular character — Franco has proven himself to be a jack of all trades. Besides his acting career, in the past few years he has written a book of short stories, starred on a soap opera, directed a documentary, hosted the Oscars, and been tapped as the face of Gucci's mens fragrance line.

The new ad for Samsung (which the actor apparently also directed) plays up Franco's growing reputation as a man of many talents by showing off the multitasking features of the tablet, which accepts both touch and pen input. Just as Apple's Siri ads show celebrities having flawless experiences with the voice assistant, Samsung's Note performs far more quickly and responsively than we observed in our review of the device. Movie magic, right?