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Celebrity sells: director Wim Wenders stars in Samsung Galaxy Note II teaser

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Samsung has enlisted celebrated director Wim Wenders to tease the Galaxy Note II's August 29th unveil in Berlin.

Wim Wenders Samsung Galaxy Note II teaser
Wim Wenders Samsung Galaxy Note II teaser

Samsung is certainly playing up the angle that the Galaxy Note is designed for content creation and consumption. The company trotted out an over two-minute commercial featuring famed renaissance man James Franco earlier today, and now it is teasing the Galaxy Note II in similar style. Samsung has already confirmed that it'd reveal the device at the show, but the quick spot continues the company's celebrity-heavy ad campaign. This one features Wings of Desire and Buena Vista Social Club director Wim Wenders walking along the Berlin Wall lauding "all of the things you can do in a blink of an eye with such a small and light thing." We wouldn't necessarily call the original 5.3-inch Galaxy Note "small," but that didn't stop it from being purchased in droves. Being a teaser, we hardly get a look at the device, but one thing is certain: it will focus heavily around the use of the S Pen. That's all we know for now, but we'll be live at Samsung Mobile Unpacked at IFA 2012 in just over a week to get a full look.