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Jawbone Jambox now available in over 100 customizable color configurations, still $199.99

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The Jawbone Jambox is now available in over 100 customizable color configurations when ordering online.

jawbone jambox
jawbone jambox

Jawbone's popular Jambox speaker already came in a variety of colors, but now you're able to customize your own. With the new Remix program you can pick and choose from nine different rubber end caps and thirteen varieties of metal grill for a total of over 100 different color combinations. Jawbone's site will highlight the most popular choices, and you'll also be able to share your own selection on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. You can request an early access code now, with the program opening to the public on the 28th.

The service is only available for the original Jambox, however, not its recent bigger incarnation. Pricing holds steady at $199.99, possibly a touch expensive for a product that's been on the market since 2010, but the Jambox remains one of the best portable speakers around. While we'd like to see a price cut, the Jambox's industrial design has always been a big part of its appeal and the new color options can only enhance that.