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Panasonic appliances to operate with a tap of a phone

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Panasonic has announced a new range of smart appliances capable of interfacing with Android phones via NFC.

Panasonic Smart App
Panasonic Smart App

Japanese manufacturer Panasonic has announced a new Android app for home automation alongside a range of smart appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, and healthcare products. Dubbed Panasonic Smart App, the program will build on NFC functionality already provided for the company's latest steam ovens and rice cookers, allowing users to program settings and transfer information such as recipes.

A new Smart App-compatible washing machine will be available from September 25th in Japan, with a refrigerator and air conditioner coming in the following months. Unlike most of the appliances, the air conditioner will be internet-connected, allowing users to control it from outside the home. This particular function will also be provided through an iPhone app, while other equipment will be excluded due to the current iPhone's lack of NFC.

Panasonic has not yet revealed any information on international availability, but, given the appliances' domestic focus — as well as NFC, they function with Sony's proprietary FeliCa RFID technology and NTT DoCoMo's Osaifu-Keitai — they may be confined to Japan for some time.