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Xbox Live beta registration reopens with a limited number of new slots

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Microsoft has reopened its Xbox Live fall update beta program for new participants.

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Xbox Music Beta
Xbox Music Beta

Microsoft is opening up its second round of registrations for the company's Xbox Live fall dashboard beta program today. After filling all available slots for the beta within hours back in July, Microsoft is making 500,000 places available to eager testers this time around. Registration is now open and testers will have to agree to a non-disclosure agreement to participate in early beta testing.

The update includes access to the new Internet Explorer for Xbox app, additional languages for Bing voice search, Xbox Music, and UI tweaks to the dashboard. Microsoft is also testing a new Play To option that allows Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs to natively stream media content to the Xbox 360. If you're interested in testing the new features on your Xbox then head over to Microsoft's Connect site to complete the registration process, it's first come first served.