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Google, Boingo expand free Wi-Fi hotspot service to more areas

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Google and Boingo have expanded their free Wi-Fi hotspot promotion to eight malls across the country and have added discounted service in 16 airports throughout the U.S.

Wi-Fi logo (STOCK)
Wi-Fi logo (STOCK)

Google and Boingo are expanding their free Wi-Fi hotspot service promotion to eight new locations outside of the metro New York area. The companies have also announced discounted Wi-Fi services available in various airports across the U.S.

Google and Boingo first offered free Wi-Fi service in a handful of subway stations in Manhattan and 200 different hotzones earlier this summer, but starting today, the free service is now available in eight malls in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tampa. Additionally, travelers passing through 16 airports in New York, Chicago, Houston, and other cities in the U.S. can access Boingo's Wi-Fi service at a discounted rate. Users of the free services can expect to see a handful of Google Offers promotions when they connect in exchange for the gratis internet connection.

Google says that the free Boingo promotion in Manhattan will be available through September 7th of this year, though the companies did not say how long the other promotions would last.