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DNA paternity tests come to you with the 'Who's Your Daddy?' RV

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An RV called "Who's Your Daddy" is driving around the streets of New York offering DNA paternity tests.

CBS NEW YORK Who's Your Daddy dna test rv
CBS NEW YORK Who's Your Daddy dna test rv

The "Who's Your Daddy" RV is looking to make DNA paternity tests a bit more of an impulse purchase. The colorfully-wrapped vehicle attracts fathers who aren't certain that the child in their hands is their own, and after a $299 to $575 purchase, a quick cheek swab, and a three-day waiting period, they can get the answer. According to The New York Post, the truck is owned and operated by a Jared Rosenthal, who drives around the five boroughs looking for customers. The testing itself is run through Health Street, which offers an array of services, including the "Most Popular" $350 paternity test, the results of which are valid for use in court. As you would imagine, it can all be a bit dramatic. As Rosenthal told The New York Post: "It’s just drama, a lot of drama. You see a man come in with a baby. You see them together and you just hope that he’s the father."