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Sony embraces Google's AOSP Xperia S experiment, 'supports external innovation'

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When asked about Jean-Baptiste Queru's recent Xperia S AOSP experiment, Sony Mobile responded with open arms and ample encouragement.

xperia s video review
xperia s video review

Just three days ago, Google's Jean-Baptiste Queru announced an experiment that would bring an unbranded, fully open source build of Android to the Xperia S. Today, Android Central reached out to Sony Mobile for its opinion on the experiment, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. The company said that it "encourages and supports external innovation and the openness that Android brings," and that "our Developer World team has supported community driven Android projects for a long time."

The goal of the project is to extend the hardware support of the AOSP and deliver it on a flagship, non-Nexus device. The project also offers developers a great degree of freedom: Queru said that coders are "strongly encouraged [...] to submit experimental changes since that won't impact the devices that Google is most directly involved in." For its part, Sony said that it will offer whatever source code it can to the project, which will help developers build the drivers for the Xperia S' hardware. Even if developers succeed in putting the AOSP on Sony's hardware, it's unclear when or if a stable ROM will be published.