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BMW's DriveNow electric car sharing comes to the US

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Residents of San Francisco can now share electric BMWs thanks to the launch of DriveNow.

BMW ActiveE press shot
BMW ActiveE press shot

BMW is bringing its own brand of car sharing to America with the launch of DriveNow in San Francisco. The service — which debuted in 2011 and currently operates in several cities across Germany — will have a focus on electric vehicles, at least at launch. The debut fleet will consist of 70 BMW ActiveE cars spread out across nine locations throughout the city, and you'll be able to drop your car off at any of the stations, making it a potentially good option for quick one-way trips. The service will be coupled with mobile apps both to find and reserve cars, as well as to reserve parking spots at 14 different ParkNow lots. Unfortunately, there's no word on if BMW plans to add its electric scooters or supercars to the fleet.