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Chrome OS gets updated with smaller apps list and option to save directly to Google Drive

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Chrome OS has been updated with a new, smaller apps list and deeper Google Drive integration.

Chrome OS apps list desktop background
Chrome OS apps list desktop background

Chromebook and Chromebox users (and anyone else using Chrome OS) have an update waiting for them that offers several usability improvements. Before you go check for the update, however, take note of what's changed: most notably, the updated OS features a smaller apps list that pops up from the taskbar. Whereas the old apps list introduced in the Aura update reminded us of OS X's Launchpad, today's update turns the apps list into a Stacks-like window. At the top of that new window is an omnibar search field, so you can search without popping open the browser. Searches inputted into the field will not only open webpages and perform Google searches, but they'll also search for apps on your machine. Unfortunately, it sounds like it will not be able to find files on your Chromebook.

Other than the UI change, the new version of Chrome OS now allows you to save files directly to Google Drive — the search company first introduced integration with the cloud storage service back in July, but now you can skip the middle man and save straight to the cloud. You'll also be able to use custom desktop backgrounds now, and some of the more minor changes include a revamped Cloud Print dialog, audio support for USB and HDMI, and bugfixes.