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Logitech announces spill-proof Washable Keyboard K310

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Logitech's has announced the washable keyboard K310, a $40 keyboard that can be submerged in up to eleven inches of water.

Washable K310
Washable K310

Logitech's Washable Keyboard K310 is, as its name suggests, a water-resistant, washable keyboard.. Simple, really: it can be submerged in up to eleven inches of water (provided the USB cable stays dry), while drainage holes handle runoff. We can't yet vouch for the quality of the keys but Logitech claims they will last for five million keystrokes, while the laser-printed, UV-coated lettering will resist fading despite many trips under the sink.

Standard accoutrements include a number pad and app-centric media keys, but you'll also find comfort in knowing you can guzzle beverages at your desk with reckless abandon. Of course it isn't quite as flashy as Razer's $250 LCD-equipped Deathstalker Ultimate or Mad Catz's $300 modular Strike 7, but spill-proof might prove a bit more useful for some — the $40 price-tag can't hurt, either. Interest piqued? The K310 goes on sale this month in the US, and arrives in Europe in October.

Update: Here's a video of the Washable Keyboard K310 in action.