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Hulu redesigns website with improved navigation and recommendations

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Hulu has redesigned its website with improved navigation and recommendations.

new hulu
new hulu

Last month we saw Hulu update its web player, and now we're seeing a new design for the rest of the site. The revamp, which is still rolling out to users but can be accessed now at, features larger images that highlight the latest episodes and additions to the video streaming service. The new page layout focuses on the shows you watch, letting you jump back into the middle of an episode or series that you didn't finish before.

If you're not sure what to watch, there's a tweaked Browse menu along with a new section for Staff Picks, and you'll also find recommendations based on current popular episodes and your previously-watched shows. All in all it looks like a fairly iterative update for Hulu, though we've heard that bigger changes may be on the way.