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Verizon said to be planning a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device this year

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Verizon is reportedly preparing to stock a Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset later this year.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone_1020
Nokia Lumia Windows Phone_1020

Verizon is reportedly planning to offer a Windows Phone 8 device to its customers this year. Bloomberg reports that the carrier will roll out a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device in an effort to diversify its product range ahead of an expected next-generation iPhone. Although the carrier is not said to be part of Nokia and Microsoft's September 5th Windows Phone event, Bloomberg says it will release the device later this year. Verizon and Motorola are also holding a press conference on September 5th, with a claim that it will be the "day's main event."

Nokia's vice president of worldwide developer relations, Richard Kerris, recently revealed that it "won't be long" before new Windows Phones make their way to Verizon. In an interview with Neowin, he also claimed that the company's PureView technology is coming to Lumia Windows Phones "very soon." Although Verizon stocks one Windows Phone, a HTC Trophy, the network has been slow to roll out updates and is rumored to have dropped a potential Nokia "Om" device earlier this year. Microsoft and Verizon's relationship may have taken a hit with the KIN failure, but a Windows Phone 8 device on Verizon will be a big boost for Windows Phone and any customers eager to pick up a Nokia Lumia handset.