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Apple Stores defy 'death of retail' with almost 300m visitors in FY2012

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Apple Stores have attracted almost 300 million visitors over the course of the company's 2012 fiscal year, with roughly 50,000 customers being serviced at a Genius Bar every day.

Apple Store Covent Garden
Apple Store Covent Garden

Apple's retail stores have pulled in "almost 300 million worldwide visitors" since the start of the company's fiscal year in October, according to a report from The Loop. Citing statistics provided at a meeting with Apple representatives, the site reveals that roughly 50,000 customers are serviced at a Genius Bar every day, cementing the feature's status as one of the key selling points of Apple's physical retail experience.

As CNET points out, this success is nothing new. In 2011, Apple Stores took in more revenue per square foot than any other retailer, and more than five times that of struggling electronics outfit Best Buy, which yesterday suspended earnings forecasts after posting disappointing second quarter results. But the stores have faced criticism recently, with employees complaining of reduced shifts and understaffing and Apple retail VP John Browett admitting that "we messed up."