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Amazon expands to India with Kindle bookstore and e-readers

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Amazon is releasing its Kindle ebook readers in India for an introductory price of 6,999 rupees, or about $126. It is also opening the India Kindle Store, which has over a million books priced in rupees.

kindle image
kindle image

Amazon is set to address the world’s second-largest English-speaking population, expanding its Kindle ebook operation to India. The India Kindle Store opened today with over one million books (priced in rupees), making it the biggest ebook store in the country. Amazon released its Kindle e-reader in India today as well, making the devices available at Croma retail stores across the country for 6,999 rupees, or about $126. To get a sense of how Amazon is thinking about the market compared to its competitors, compare this to Barnes & Noble, which made news yesterday when it announced plans to offer its Nook devices in the UK this autumn.

In contrast to the apparent smoothness of this most recent expansion, Amazon appears to be having trouble getting its e-readers out the door in Japan. A page that reads "coming soon" has been in place on the Amazon Japan site since the end of June.