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Spotify expanding into Canada, looking at Asia and South America next

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Spotify has revealed that it plans to launch its music-streaming service in Canada, with hints that Asia is being investigated as a potential market too.


Spotify has revealed that it is planning to launch its music-streaming service in Canada and other countries in Asia and South America. The Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify's annual accounts, published this week, contain references to a planned Canadian launch alongside hints at an expansion into "countries in Asia and South America." Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, a Spotify spokesperson refused to discuss the specifics of the Canadian launch, saying that the company "plans to launch in new countries."

Spotify's most recent expansions include launches in Australia and New Zealand during May alongside an unlimited free radio launch for Android users in the US. The music service now has over 15 million active users and more than 4 million paying subscribers, figures that will only increase with a launch in Canada with a population of over 30 million. Rdio is hot on Spotify's heels though, with planned launches across Europe in the coming months and early hints at an Asian launch — something that Spotify is also clearly investigating.