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Israeli town equips donkeys with wireless routers

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A small settlement in Northern Israel now has Wi-Fi equipped donkeys.

Associated Press Wi-Fi donkey
Associated Press Wi-Fi donkey

Wi-Fi is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous feature of travel, and in one town in northern Israel that also extends to riding a donkey. Hoshaya is a town of just 1,600 where visitors come to see what ancient Galilee life was like at the Kfar Kedem park. But to add a bit of modern convenience to the historical attraction, five of the town's 30 donkeys have been equipped with wireless routers so that riders can enjoy the internet while they take in their surroundings. "We will consider whether to equip more as time goes on," site manager Menachem Goldberg told Israel Hayom. The donkeys wear the routers around their necks, creating the perfect opportunity to snap some Instagram pics while exploring how people lived during the Old Testament.