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Super PAC App for iPhone and iPad filters out the noise in political ads

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The Super PAC App for iOS identifies the audio in political commercials to provide useful information and resources for users trying to find the truth behind the ads.

super pac app
super pac app

Political advertisements contain finely-constructed verbiage meant to drive certain aspects of an individual or party while tactfully hiding others. The Super PAC App, created by a pair of former MIT students, hopes to drown out the noise and verify the facts by filtering the information with the help of "audio fingerprinting." Dan Siegel, one of the app's co-creators, explained to CNN that the app itself does not do the fact-checking, but cross-references the information with an audio database using TuneSat's monitoring technology — like Shazam, but for politics.

Once identified, the app will display details like what parties are involved with the commercial, how much money the party has raised, and how much they've spent during its campaign season. The app will then direct users to sites like and PolitiFact for more information. Additionally, ads are curated by the users so others can get an idea of the truth and value behind each message. The free Super PAC App is available now for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.